Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Structural Computations: are performed with various goals. A classical elastic FEA gives access to information for fatigue prediction. Nonlinear FEA is necessary to shed light into local structural behavior in notches. Other typical nonlinear computations include thermo-mechanical applications, stability problems, or contact situations.

FEA computation of a spring inlcuding a nonlinear stability analysis

Fatigue Prediction: The FKM guideline is a genrerally accepted strategy for fatigue prediction in machinery. We use our own scripts for FEA fatigue postprocessing based on the FKM guideline. Additionally we use multiaxial fatigue criteria (Dang Van, Smith-Watson-Topper, ...), for example if non-proportional loadings need to be assessed.

Spots of predicted high cycle fatigue in a aeroplane turbine disk

Wear Prediction: In contact situations (bearings, fixations), micro or macro slip and friction can cause significant wear. Wear changes the contact geometry. As a consequence the machine behavior changes (stiffness, lifetime, ...), whereby this change can be pronounced during the initial life (run-in processes) or propagate during the whole life and even define the lifetime. We have conducted various wear assessment projects, whereby other phenomena and their interaction with wear have been taken into account (wear-fatigue interaction, wear-deformation interaction, ...).

FEA computation of wear in a contact zone